Learn to Do the Outside Turn in Salsa On2

SALSA ON2 – Partnerwork Basics Lesson 10 – Traveling Right Turn

In this lesson we break down how to perform the Traveling Right Turn; more commonly known as a outside turn. We call this a outside turn because the followers are turning out and away from their partners.

By now you’ve been introduced to a few different turns. It’s important to understand that there are only two types of turns in salsa. This first kind is a turns where you stay in the same place. We call this a stationary turn. The second type of turn is a turn where you move across your partner. We call this second type of turn a traveling turn. An example of stationary turn would be your basic right turn and broken left turn. Inside and outside turns are considered traveling turns. A inside turn is a Traveling turn to your left and a outside turn is a Traveling turn to your right.

TIP: Whenever you perform a traveling turn, make sure to step in a straight line.

PRACTICE: Followers do not need a partner to learn this step. This move will require a good deal of practice. It does take some time to gain your balance when spinning.

NOTE: This is the last and final move for Level 1 but we still have more to learn about how to combine all these turns together.

Salsa has always been a blend of different dance styles. Inside and outside turns were incorporated into Salsa by ballroom and ballet dancers at the beginning of the Palladium mambo era of the 50s. It is a known as a Chaine Turn in ballet. Below is a great tutorial on how ballet dancers train for this move. Incorporate this into your practice regime for better technique