How to Do the Inside Turn in Salsa On2

SALSA ON2 – Partnerwork Basics Lesson 3 – Traveling Left

In this lesson we break down how to perform the Traveling Left Turn; more commonly known as a inside turn. We call this a inside turn because the followers are turning in towards their partners. This turn is absolutely essential to the dance of salsa.

Leaders should be very familiar with their cross body lead steps before moving onto the traveling left/inside turn. The footwork for the inside turn is the same as the cross body lead but now requires the gentleman to lift their hands and draw a counterclockwise circle in order to turn their partners

Followers should be very familiar with their cross body lead footwork before moving onto the inside turn. The first three steps are the exact same steps as the cross body lead.

How to do a inside turn broken down

TIP: Followers, make sure to spin on the balls of your feet when performing the inside turn.

TIP: Followers, notice that the inside turn always finishes on the 7 with the left foot stepping in front of the right foot.

TIP: Leaders, notice that the followers start to spin to their left on 3 which means you need to lift up your arm on the 3 in order to allow her to turn.

PRACTICE: Followers do not need a partner to learn this step. This move will require a good deal of practice. It does take some time to gain your balance when spinning.