Combining the Basket, Copa and Snapout

Advanced Beginner Partnerwork Lesson 4 – Basket Copa Combo

Now that you’ve learned the Copa, Basket/Butterfly and the Snapout, it is time to put these skills together with our first level 2 combo.

EXTRA CREDIT: Try to add a double spin into the pattern.


Catwalk & Guys Left – Basic Salsa On 2 Steps

SALSA ON2 – Partnerwork Basics Lesson 6 – Catwalk & Left Turn

Ladies will walk forward for 3 counts and do a 180 turn on the 5th count. We call this move a catwalk because girls are suppose to strut their stuff like the are a runaway model.

Guys footwork for the Catwalk will be same as their Cross Body Lead. By clearing the slot, you give the girl a signal to continue walking forward. The next part of it is to bring your arm over her head on the count of 5 which signals to the girl you want her to perform a 180 turn.

The left turn footwork for the leader is similar to the their right turn footwork except your turning left instead of right this time

TIP: Stay on the balls of your feet when turning and keep your heels off the floor.

In the next video we will demonstrate how to incorporate these moves into the beginner combo.