Advanced Beginner Partnerwork Lesson 7 – Callbacks

Advanced Beginner Partnerwork Lesson 7 –Callbacks

The concept behind a Callback is instead of letting the follower complete their traveling turn, leaders redirect her into walking back along the slot returning her back to the starting point. There are many moves that involve direction changes such as the Copa. It’s important that a follower not over commit into a turn so that she can effectively follow re-directions. Practicing Callbacks will help you improve in this area.

TIP: Followers make sure you move along the slot for this move


Putting it all Together – Advanced Beginner Combo Continued

Advanced Beginner Partnerwork Lesson 6 – Touch & Go + Combo Continued

There are different ways to perform a Double spin. We’ll start this combo with a variation known as a Touch & Go. Then we will apply everything that you’ve learned before from lessons 1 through 5 and put it all together! This combination now includes the following skills: Touch & Go Spin – Copa – Basket – Walkaround


How to Do a Walkaround in Salsa On2

Advanced Beginner Partnerwork Lesson 5 – Walkaround

The Walkaround will be the first move we teach you where two partners do not move along a line. Instead, it is exactly as the name suggests; the two partners walk around in a circle.

TIP: Leaders, the footwork for a Walkaround is the same as the footwork for a Basket.

TIP. Remember to end a Walkaround in the same direction as when you started.


Combining the Basket, Copa and Snapout

Advanced Beginner Partnerwork Lesson 4 – Basket Copa Combo

Now that you’ve learned the Copa, Basket/Butterfly and the Snapout, it is time to put these skills together with our first level 2 combo.

EXTRA CREDIT: Try to add a double spin into the pattern.


Learn The Basket/Butterfly for Salsa On2

Advanced Beginner Partnerwork Lesson 3 – Basket/Butterfly

The Basket/Butterfly is a move where the leader moves around the girl. The two dancers are briefly trading places with one another. The footwork for the followers is essentially a modified basic step with a cross over On2.


How to Do The Copa in Salsa On2

Advanced Beginner Partnerwork Lesson 2 – Copa

Strike a pose for the Copa! Think of this move as a quick direction change. The leader brings the follower towards him into a pose on the 1 and then quickly directs the follower away from him for the rest of the bar (A bar is a measure of music and consists of 8 counts.). The Copa is a move that happens suddenly but not with out warning. Remember leaders to always prepare the follower for the Copa with an open break on the 5 – 6 – 7.


How to Prep and Perform Multiple Spins ON2

Advanced Beginner Partnerwork Lesson 1 – Spinning

The first move that I’d like to introduce for level 2 is multiple spins. Being able to follow/lead double spins is a central part of social dancing. In this tutorial we will show you the proper technique for practicing multiple spins and how to properly prepare for a spin.

TIP: It’s not just the followers who should know how to spin. It’s also impressive to see a leader who is able spin.

TIP: Being able to spin well makes you a lighter follower.

TIP: Try and set up a schedule to practice spins. Just like going to the gym on a regular basis will help you get in shape, having a consistent practice schedule is the key to building up your spinning ability.